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Expert Study “Ukrainian Technologies of Asymmetric Confrontation” Presented

Ukraine needs to make a hyper-jump in rearming its forces and including cycles. This is the opinion of January 17 this year. in the Glavcom press center during press conferences on the theme: "Ukrainian technologies of asymmetric confrontation" said Valentin Badrak, Director of the Center for Army, Conversion, and Disarmament Studies (CDAC).
In particular, he believes that Ukraine needs to use its existing budget more effectively.

“One tank has been manufactured for 1,5 years, and we can build and introduce automation systems over the same period, and we can see that it will have a greater impact on the actual response of the troops, and we will see that it will be more efficient to channel funds for these things. Or, for example, electronic intelligence or EW tools. There are such technologies. "
In addition, the expert stressed that when it comes to drones or work, then again today the Ministry of Defense requires a valid model to buy it, but is not ready to support production.

During the press conference, which was attended by V. Badrak, as well as the director of the information agency "Defense and Industrial Courier" Dmitry Kozlov presented an expert study "Ukrainian Technologies of Asymmetric Confrontation". The study presents new approaches to the organization of state defense through the active use of new defense technologies.

The study was prepared by profile specialists of the Ukrainian Institute of Security (UIBD), the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
The National Institute for Strategic Studies, the Central Armed Forces Research Institute and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the Defense Express information and consulting company.