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The ethnic factor in the hybrid wars is the analysis of the conflict in Kazakhstan

The Head of the Asia Pacific Section of the CDACR, Yuri Poyta, took part in discussing aspects of the recent conflict in the village. Masanci, Kazakhstan. Officially, the conflict that killed 11 people has arisen for domestic reasons, but according to unofficial information, its basis is, among other things, ethnic conflicts between Kazakhs and the Dungan national minority who live compactly in the surrounding villages.

The situation demonstrates the presence of social, ethnic, cultural contradictions among the population of Kazakhstan, which can be used by external players to destabilize the situation in the country.

These and other issues are discussed in the discussion with Aydar Amrebayev, Head of the Center for Applied Political Science and International Studies (Kazakhstan) during the Brainstorm program of the review and analytical journal “Exclusive”.