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The representative of the Central Scientific and Cultural Heritage Committee of Ukraine conducted classes at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine

The head of the Asia-Pacific Section of the Central Asian Economic and Social Council, Yuriy Poyta, conducted lessons on regional aspects of Ukraine's foreign policy for officials of the diplomatic service and civil servants working in the field of foreign affairs.

The representative of the Central Research and Development Agency (CDCA) provided assessments of the current political and security situation in Central Asia and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. In particular, he analyzed the strategic environment and the military-political situation in the Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, described the threats to the national interests of Ukraine in the region, considered Ukrainian interests and key priorities of cooperation in the region, including in the security sector.

In addition, hybrid challenges and threats were addressed in the Central Asian countries and the Asia-Pacific region, including affect the national interests of Ukraine in the region.