"Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies" (CACDS) was created as a voluntary association of specialists in the field of professional analysis of the processes of disarmament and armaments (rearmament) of the armed forces of the region, the reformation of law enforcement structures, the activities of individual enterprises and Ukraine's activity on the international arms market.In addition, the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies periodically addresses the subject of military-civilian relations and civilian control over the security forces, as well as the development of defense and dual use technologies in Ukraine.The CACDS experts are actively involved in the study of Ukraine's participation in international arms control regimes and critical technologies.

Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies:

- investigates the pace, trends and consequences of the reform of Ukraine's security structures, cooperates with them;

- study trends and prospects for the transformation of the national defense industry;

- carries out continuous monitoring and analysis of the export and import of weapons, dual-use products and sensitive technologies in the post-Soviet area, as well as their distribution in the world.

The Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies carries out:

- publishing their own books and researches, including through translation of the most interesting works of foreign analytical structures;

- participation in cooperative projects with international and national non-governmental organizations and government agencies involved in research on aspects of disarmament, the activities of law enforcement agencies and other means contribute to the democratization of society;

- interaction with official profile ministries, departments, enterprises of Ukraine involved in the development (reforming) of the security sector, promotes their full informing, provides expert assessments and proposals;

- distribution of materials of special scientific conferences of governmental structures, meetings and reports of similar non-governmental organizations engaged in studying problems in this direction.

The main goals of the CACDS over the past five years have been:

- conducting independent researches in the field of foreign economic activity of Ukrainian companies on the world market of armaments;

- analysis of military-technical cooperation of Ukraine with foreign states, including in the field of joint development and import of military and dual-use technologies;

- independent expert examination of the reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and analysis of trends in the development of the armies of the region and the world;

- independent assessments of the development of defense industry enterprises; the complex;

- research of the potential of various projects in the field of security and defense of the state.

All research of the CACDS conducts exclusively through multifactorial analysis of open information: mass media publications, speeches of officials and experts, forums, international exhibitions and conferences.

In the course of its activities, the CACDS was the organizer and participant in a number of international conferences and roundtables; its representatives spoke in international forums in the field of security and defense in the states of Europe and Asia, the USA and the Russian Federation.

Experts of the CACDS regularly publish articles, studies and books.