Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies invites young talented professionals from higher education institutions and research organizations to an internship program that will provide an opportunity to gain analytical work skills on key military and international security processes.

Internship at CACDS is:

- Preparation of own research project, at work on which the trainee receives professional consultations of the employees of the CACDS;
- meetings with experts from state bodies and scientific institutions;
- Participation in the research and analytical projects of the CDCA with the possibility of publishing the results of the research on the information resources of the analytical center.

Priority areas of research:

- analysis of the military-political situation in key regions of the world;
- study of the features of the preparation and conduct of military conflicts;
- Russia's military aggression against Ukraine;
- defense-industrial complex and military-technical cooperation of Ukraine;
- international information security and cyber security, new technologies and challenges of global security.

Requirements for candidates:

- interest in research in the field of international and military security, military conflicts, international relations;
- a graduate, a student of senior bachelor's or master's degrees in the field of international relations, journalism, political science, etc.;
- knowledge of English at Advanced level, Proficiency (knowledge of other foreign languages ​​is welcome);
- strong communicative skills, readiness for intensive work schedules, responsibility, attentiveness.

To participate in the internship program, the applicant sends an e-mail to the CACDS ( (or through the feedback form in the Contacts section) the following documents:

- an extensive summary in Ukrainian and English indicating the sphere of scientific interests;
- recommendation from the head of the department, scientific supervisor, etc.;
- A letter of motivation indicating the purposes of participation in the program;
- A list of available posts with links.

The terms and the internship program are discussed individually with each candidate.