The non-governmental public organization "Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies" (CACDS) was founded in 1999 year to promote the development and deepening of the democratization of Ukrainian society by spreading the generally accepted standards of public control over the security forces in the world.

Since May 1999 Director Valentina Budrak has been the director of the CACDS.

In the 2004 year, the experts of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (CACDS) together with Defense Express and VAB-Bank (formerly VABank) issued the first book on national weapon business in Ukraine "Cult. Export of weapons in Ukrainian ".

In 2006 year, the experts of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies and the Defense Express jointly with the Institute of Automated Systems of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences issued the first review of technologies of military and dual use "Technosila" in the country.

In the 2008 year, the CACDS, in conjunction with Defense Express, performed the first countrywide systematic study of the prospects for military-technical cooperation between Ukraine and Russia "Military-technical cooperation between Ukraine and Russia: the debunking of myths."

In the 2009 year, the CACDS, in conjunction with the Defense Express, conducted and issued the first Statewide detailed study of the prospects for Ukraine's military-technical cooperation with China "Ukraine-China: From Projects to Strategic Partnership".

In the 2010 year, the CACDS, in conjunction with Defense Express, released a study on the potential of the country's defense industry "OPK Ukraine - the locomotive of the national economy".

In 2011 year, a joint work of the CACDS and Defense Express appeared - a collection of promising technologies for military and dual use "Ukrainian Arsenal. Modern Defense & Dual-Use Equipment ».

In the 2012 year, as part of a joint project with NATO (through the North Atlantic Alliance coordinator - the NATO Liaison Office in Kyiv), the CACDS experts conducted and published a study entitled "Integration and Defense of Corruption in Defense: Ukraine's Experience".

In addition, in the 2012 year, experts from the CACDS were trained and, together with the Geneva Center for Democratic Control over the Armed Forces, issued a study "Challenges Facing Arms Export Control in Ukraine and the Russain Federation."

In the 2013 year, the work of the experts of the CACDS, analysts of the information and consulting company Defense Express and invited experts from Ukraine and Russia was the study of the pace and quality of the rearmament of the armies of a number of states in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as aspects of rearmament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, taking into account the most important peculiarities of the reform of the Ukrainian Army - "Features of Reforming the Armed Forces and Defense Forces of Central and Eastern Europe. Lessons for Ukraine ".