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Consequences of changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation - materials of expert discussion

In the last referendum, the Russians not only approved the "zeroing" of Vladimir Putin's rule, but also, in fact, legitimized more aggressive actions to protect so-called "Russian-speaking citizens abroad." At the same time, the Kremlin is significantly increasing its military potential on the border with Kazakhstan. What does this mean?

Experts from different CIS countries, which have already been subjected to military pressure by the Kremlin, advise Kazakhstan not to rule out different scenarios and analyze its weaknesses. Aidar Amrebayev - political scientist (Kazakhstan), Yuri Poita - head of the Asia-Pacific region of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (Ukraine), Rafael Sattarov - political scientist (Washington), Vladimir Kopchak - GSAC expert Georgian Strategic Analysis Center, Georgia), Rosian Vasiloi - security expert, ex-Chief of Border Police (Republic of Moldova), Karlygash Ezhenova - moderator (Kazakhstan)