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Dear friends, partner CIACAR-South Caucasus в Р “Р “СЂС ·Р · РёРЅСЃРєРёР№ Центр ТтрР° С‚РµРіРёС ‡ еского РђРЅР ° Р» РёР · Р ° GSAC brings to your attention an overview of the main events of the last week of the year in Georgia.

The last New Year's week passed in Georgia not as violently as the previous one, but still fun. To paraphrase Leo Tolstoy - all not happy post-Soviet countries are alike, and every happy post-Soviet country (imagine there are such) is happy in its own way. "There is no money, but you hold on" - said the Prime Minister of another country in a completely different situation, but as it seems.

No money, but….

This week, ominous rumors about the imminent political death of the current government have crawled on the Facebook troll, saying that not only the prime minister, as we have often done, will resign, but most capitalist ministers. And it is quite possible, and not because of the actions of the opposition, which so far can not hurt anyone but himself, and not even because of the pressure from the outside, it is also not fundamental. The reason can be much more prosaic, and from that much worse for both the ruling party and us all. It seems that the government has banal no money. The crisis in the system of compulsory state insurance, the only reform that the Dream was so proud of, showed this more than in relief. And it's not just about reducing the feed base, it is quite the expected outcome of GM's policies, but the scale of the looting of the treasury uncontrolled from above. Not that it is scary that they take, but that they do not take a rank, strongly not a rank. Against this background, the voluntary departure of the Chairman of the Pension Fund, with the promise of praying for our contributions, seems a direct threat.

And then our Finance Minister even managed to nail the press. Not that he (they) decided to levy a couple of tens of tens of thousands of dollars from millions of other TV companies' debt, or financially leverage Pirveli TV, it's half-hearted. It was not necessary to anger Inga Grigolia (a popular Georgian TV presenter). There is a popular sign - all who are angry Inga, end badly. And all this before the New Year.

And this is all about her…

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili once again became the hero of the beginning of the week, once again shocking the esteemed audience with his extravagant statements. It is fresh in her memory her opus about the fact that Georgia does not have and there will be no army. It's really hard to forget, but the show must go on and on.

This time, the President of Georgia offered us to refuse the services of international mediators in the negotiations of the opposition with the authorities and to solve all problems in a narrow family circle. The president's proposal sounded like this: "It would be better if we solved the problems ourselves rather than connecting foreigners." Of course, the question immediately arises - and for whom is it better? But the question is rhetorical and we will not ask it. In fact, this, not Zurabishvili's reasoning about the possibility of her traveling to Moscow for the May 9 parade, was a key moment in Zurabishvili's speech. Moreover, it would be very good if Zurabishvili traveled to Moscow, welcomed troops in the solemn march. It is difficult to imagine a greater gift from the opposition before the elections. However, there is little hope for this. The fact that the ruling party is constantly shooting itself in the legs does not mean that they are ready to shoot themselves in the head, and even in such an extravagant way. So do not hope not go.

Here the other day I was told the version that it is possible that the GM (the ruling Georgian Dream Party) is specifically substituting the president to look sane on her background. Strongly disagree, first, to come up with such a yes and make it say Zurabishvili is absolutely impossible. These words come from the heart and in no other way. And second, people certainly have a short memory, but to forget the billboards on which all the leaders of the ruling party with the signature "Vote for Salome Zurabishvili" were decisively impossible. The piquancy of the situation was that there were no images of Salome Zurabishvili on these billboards. Sometimes political technologists, without wanting to, play evil jokes with customers. In the fall of 2018, their mission was to win the campaign at any cost. They have won, but the political responsibility for all Zurabishvili's statements lies with the ruling party now and forever. Does this mean that the President's statement is a blessing and only. Not quite so, it seems to me that the mouth of Salome Zurabishvili ruling party voices their desires and fantasies. Supposedly it is small demand. While forgetting that Zurabishvili is, for a moment, the president. Or vice versa, not forgetting.

The price of freedom is Vaja Gaprindashvili

But enough about the sad, while the opposing authorities and the opposition froze in ritual dance in anticipation of the New Year's feast, the main cultural heritage of Georgia according to the current owner of the country Bidzin Ivanishvili, life is in its turn. The main event of the week is the release of Dr. Vaja. Doctor Vazha Gaprindashvili was detained by Russian border guards on the occupation line on November 14, a week ago the court sentenced him to a year and nine months in prison, and on Saturday, Vazha Gaprindashvili was suddenly released and brought to Gori. What versions have not been expressed about this case, and all of them, including the most fantastic ones, have the right to exist. But, let us follow the principle of the monk William of Occam and not give birth to the essence. According to Dr. Vazha himself, he was forced to cross the line of occupation, as he went to the patient. At the "court" he did not recognize the line of occupation as a border and was given a prison sentence. However, it is doubtful that after the hype that had been raised, Dr. Vazhu would be released without a sentence, even if he had pleaded guilty. The fact that the case was initially political in nature is so obvious, one could not write it. But there is a nuance.

It is in this case that the interests of virtually all political forces having at least some relation to Georgia have crossed. And each of these forces acted in a textbook fashion. Let's start with the opposition - initially this case, uniting all did not look for the opposition promising. It is certainly possible to accuse the authorities of being passive, but against the background of Russian politics in the region, these accusations seemed unconvincing. The help suddenly came from the enemy camp, the whole chairman of the commission, no matter what, the whole Tbilisi secretariat, Irakliy Kukhanidze declared Gaprindashvili a provocateur. And here the opposition was rushed to the full, forcing the authorities to go into deaf defense. If Kukhanidze had not been shown on television, one could assume that he was a secret agent of the nationals. And so the reason for such inadequate behavior of the deputy became obvious, and the collusion with the insidious nationalists is not here.

Nino Burjanadze also tried to take advantage of the situation with her pro-Russian "United Georgia", which in the course of negotiations in Moscow asked to release Gaprindashvili. However, this mission proved impossible for her, simply the keys to Gaprindashvili's camera were not in the pocket of the Kremlin tower with which Nino Anzorovna works. But Irma Inashvili chose the right tower with her Patriots Alliance. Moreover, even our old acquaintance, Russian senator Grigory Karasin, confirmed her special contribution. But alas, the laurels of the Alliance were not appreciated by Georgian society, the happy face of Inashvili convinced few. Thus, the "patriots" failed to become complicit in a crime related to the abduction of a Georgian citizen and his unlawful detention. However, it is not necessary to be upset, they will surely have such a chance. In the meantime, the Patriots Alliance is preparing to announce the results of a poll of 211 people, in which 76% support normalization of relations with Russia and military neutrality. The matter is not even in the results, but in the absolute contingency of the figures of the respondents. But to whom it is interesting, in Georgia nobody would believe it anyway, the citizens of Russia overwhelmingly care. Well, those who have allocated money for this, their lion's share of this money must have already received, so it is unlikely to check. In general, it all looks very funny and certainly not serious.

And finally, the Russian Foreign Ministry, which all this time called for humanity, in fact, once again pushed the idea of ​​the existence of such a "state" as South Ossetia, which even has a "border", however with Russian border guards, which, of course, are nothing others are not engaged there, as the protection of their homeland in the far reaches. And even de facto, the authorities, which are not really the authorities, managed to promote themselves, telling the world how Dr. Vazhu was being taken on excursions and fed delicious Ossetian pies. Well, Ossetian pies are really tasty, but they are well prepared in Tbilisi.

Once in London

One day, or rather, this week, less-known (despite all the regalia) lawyer David Asatiani came to London for the famous businessman Zaza Okuashvili, who on behalf of Bidzina Ivanishvili offered the businessman peace, friendship, forgiveness and a lot of money. And all this for the utter trifle - to tell everyone on TV that he was frowned upon by Mikhail Saakashvili (the third president of Georgia) and Nick Gvaramia (CEO of the opposition TV channel Mtwari). And we would hardly have learned about all of this if Okuashvili had not told us about it. And he not only told, but also recorded the whole conversation. Yes, it doesn't turn out well, as one Soviet official said, who found Lieutenant Schmidt's second son in his office. Then Ostap Bender managed to escape, Shura Balaganov recognized his brother Kohl. But when Lieutenant Schmidt's third son (Mikhail Panikovsky) arrived, as you all probably remember, there was a body removal.

The Christmas Tree

Every politician in his political life has his own Christmas tree. For example, everyone remembers Yanukovych's Christmas tree, which became one of the drivers of the Revolution of Dignity, when thousands of Kyiv residents indignantly shrugged and said - You will be a Christmas tree. We have a somewhat different situation, but the passion around the Christmas tree brought from Milan was not joking. And it is not even an unconventional form of the New Year tree, which is called a forest beauty does not turn the tongue, in the forest such objects do not grow. But in the end, they do not argue about the tastes, and supporters of this Christmas tree can quite object to the opponents - it is fashionable and stylish, just you do not understand anything. Maybe so, but to convince the residents of the capital that they needed a Christmas tree worth millions in the background of what was happening, it is extremely difficult. The main intrigue is whose tree it is, only Kaladze, as the evil tongues of the most unreliable member of the power team, or the entire Georgian Dream, speak.

Other news is Fish and Shmaxi

The pots blocked the central highway in Tbilisi, protesting against the pervading smell of fish coming from fish processing plants. Who will find this news funny, try to keep a few fish in your apartment outside the fridge for at least a couple of days. I think that will be enough to understand these people.

Another piece of news is the trick that the city authorities have used to counter the idea of ​​the Girchi-Shmaxi party. For those who are not aware of what it is - Shmaxi is an alternative to the city taxi that emerged after regulations were introduced. according to which the taxi drivers were obliged to buy licenses and have cars of white color. This time, the city authorities passed a law that prohibits them from using stencils similar to the “taxi” identification mark on machines. The Shmaxists began to fine, and they began to protest. The requirement is as simple as a pencil - write off 200-dollar fines ($ 69), which they were discharged on December 17. Authorities are unlikely to listen to the protesters, and in vain do not listen. After all, for every tricky regulation there is a solution type Shmaksi with a screw.