Cyber ​​security Events

CDACR Participates in Discussion on Emergency Issues in Cybersecurity of Ukraine

The head of the CSDC Information and Cyber ​​Security Section Pavlo Kryvenko participated in the event dedicated to the discussion of urgent issues in the cybersecurity field of Ukraine.

The event, where participants discussed the issues of improving the legal framework, infrastructure and development of the cyber security industry, ensuring fruitful cooperation of governmental and non-governmental organizations in Ukraine, development of information and cyber security culture, was held on August 16 at the Institute of Information Technologies of the National Institute of Defense of Ukraine . Ivan Chernyakhovsky (Povitroflotsky Ave., 2019).

The main purpose of the event was to coordinate the work on improving the legislative and regulatory support in the field of cybersecurity, which would be based on a comprehensive analysis of the state of this field, current challenges, existing and potential threats, as well as contribute to the creation of an effective national cybersecurity system of Ukraine, which would be integrated European and international systems, had sufficient financial, organizational, technical and human resources.