Artificial Intelligence

Business Innovation: The Most Effective Techniques and Tools for Empowering AI

1. Customer service

As early as 2016, Microsoft's State of Global Customer Service found that 60% of consumers had stopped cooperating with one company or another for just one banal reason - poor service. People did not like many factors: delays in responding to requests from operators, their poor or even inappropriate response to emerging issues, the need to wait in line, seek the right expert to solve the problem due to the incompetence of other information services staff, and even press the buttons once and for all Go to the "right" section on your site or phone to search for the right content.

Chatbots have learned how to solve the problem. They can read and analyze customer data from the initial point of contact, quickly providing effective information on how to help the customer resolve a particular issue.

The Nano Rep solution integrates customer support across Zendesk, Magneto and Salesforce's advanced resources, as well as accessing the information you need on the most popular messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack and WhatsApp.

Equally popular is the Cogito application, which runs on modern AI-based software. Cogito uses a combination of machine learning and behavioral sciences to analyze millions of voice calls and improve customer engagement based on incoming data.

2. Information technology and security

Currently, around 44% of 835 companies surveyed by Tata Consultancy Services use AI to detect and prevent security intrusions. Some of them solve the problem of technological problems of users, others - the issue of reducing production management through automation, and third - the issue of internal compliance with the approved vectors of technology development in the context of business scaling.

The Cylance platform offers cybersecurity products and services that alert rather than respond to threats. The product is the “choice of Fortune 100” among the analog offerings in today's innovative solutions market.

Another well-known machine-based cloud based HANA (SAP) cloud platform offers advanced database management tools. The solution is ideal for dealing with transactions, analysis of customer information, payment regulation, etc.

3. Business management

According to IBM, Decision Support technology will increase the cost of IT business by 2 trillions of dollars, except that it is ready to spend up to 2025 a year.

Domo is a business management software development company that has raised over $ 500 millions of dollars in development and created a dashboard that gathers and processes information to help companies make important decisions. The cloud platform can scale depending on the size of the company and can also be used by groups of companies to improve the quality of communications. Domo has more 400 proprietary dashboards that also allow third-party data collection to extend business intelligence.
A good alternative to Domo is the Avanade platform, a product from Microsoft and Accenture, which uses Cortana Intelligence Suite, for example, to predict and analyze company-specific data.

4. Finance and accounting

According to Accenture, 80% of accounting and finance tasks will be accomplished through automation in the next few years.

A KPMG solution that leverages McLaren Applied Technologies' innovations in auditing since 2015 will be appropriate. Today, KPMG developers are working on extending the toolkit to their clients who use predictive analytics. The new options will allow you to poll, evaluate and challenge the forecasts underlying the valuation of assets on customer balances. KPMG also has an alliance with IBM, the creator of Watson's renowned robot, which can read thousands of pages of contracts or deals and summarize them almost instantly, based on each company's criteria for what's important to it and what's not.

5. Human resources

Many HR representatives know how tedious and painstaking the processes of selecting, interviewing and adapting new staff are to the company. Not surprisingly, artificial intelligence has become a priority in addressing these issues in many organizations.

The Restless Bandit platform is a SaaS product that automates application verification, retrieval, referral, and personal interviewing tasks to significantly reduce the amount of work involved in attracting a good potential candidate to the office.

6. Marketing and sales

Until recently, the ability to use artificial intelligence comprehensively for the anticipated transformation of marketing processes was not available due to the imperfection of existing solutions. Today is even more than successful.

For example, the Adext AI platform uses AI and machine learning in digital advertising to find the best audience or demographic for any ad and product. Automatic budget management across different consumer groups across platforms (such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads), as well as the efficient optimization of each individual search, improves the current analysis of the required information by 83%.

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