CDAC Director to Participate in Public Discussion of Ukraine's Possibilities to Respond to Negative War Scenarios

Director of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (CDACR) will participate in a public discussion of Ukraine's ability to respond to negative military scenarios during a public round table Key Challenges to Ukraine and State Response Opportunities Gorshenin Institute 7 August at 11 Hour.

Experts will consider the likely grounds for military scenarios directed against Ukraine, as well as the forms of military scenarios that threaten Ukraine. Among other things, experts will propose their versions of state preparation and development of non-military levers of counteraction, including the interaction of the authorities with the public sector.

The roundtable was organized by the Gorshenin Institute and the Ukrainian Institute for Security Studies (WIBD), co-founded by the CDAC.

The public discussion will also be attended by the Assistant Assistant to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Ivan Aparshin, Member of the Board of the Ukrainian Institute for Security Studies Oleksiy Gridin, Director of the consulting and consulting company Defens Express and a member of the Board of the Ukrainian Institute of Security StudiesI Vice President of Gorshenin Institute Viktor Sokolov.

(Address of Gorshenin Institute: Kyiv, Mala Zhytomyrska Street, 18 B (entrance to the arch from the side of the Mikhailovsky Lane)