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ЦДАКР took part in the press conference «The second anniversary of cyber-attacks NotPetya: Ukraine ready for cyber-revolution?»

Pavlo Krivenko, Head of the Information and Cybersecurity Section of the Central Scientific and Cultural Center of Ukraine, participated in the press conference "The second anniversary of the cyberattack NotPetya: is Ukraine ready for cyber attacks?".

The event took place on 27 June 2019 in the Ukrainian National Information Agency "Ukrinform" (B.Khmelnitsky Street, 8 / 16).

Verification of state-owned enterprise protection systems conducted by Ukrainian cyber security experts on the eve of the second anniversary of the virus attack NotPetya (the attack is considered one of the most devastating in the world. In Ukraine, almost every fourth enterprise suffered from the virus), showed that In Ukraine, not all managers of enterprises, institutions and organizations have made conclusions after a large-scale computer damage by the virus.

"Obviously, Ukraine, which is in the center of modern cyberwar, the largest in the history of mankind, after the defeat of the virus NotPetya would have to take brutal lessons, go Estonia and become one of the most powerful states in terms of cyber defense, at least in Europe. Unfortunately, this did not happen ", - said the expert on cybersecurity Konstantin Korsun.

According to him, Ukraine remains unprotected in anticipation of a possible new cybersecurity. At the same time, the key agency dealing with cyber defense of the state - the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine - uses outdated methods, and its efforts do not meet the current challenges in terms of cyber defense of the country.

One of the main tools used by the SSS is the so-called KSZI - a comprehensive information security system that is actively implemented at enterprises and critical infrastructure objects.

"Our external review of the protection of providers and public resources using CBSI has shown that, despite its use, a huge amount of critical data, in particular critical infrastructure objects, personal data of Ukrainians, data from commercial companies, etc., are still openly accessible. And this is absolutely unacceptable ", - said expert on cybersecurity Alexander Galushchenko said.