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Valentin Badrak - about "genius-therapy" for the president

(Continued. Beginning at №23 «AiF in Ukraine» for 2019)

Valentin Badrak - about "genius-therapy" for the president

"I am convinced: the new president should demonstrate changes in critical areas for Ukraine related to state protection. The organization of a new type of army and the proper work of the defense and industrial complex will become signs that characterize the quality of its work, "continues the conversation with AiF in Ukraine Director of the Center for the Study of Army, Conversion and Disarmament, writer Valentin Badrak.


- Valentin Vladimirovich, when can I give a preliminary assessment of the work of the president in this direction?

- If he does not handle this for 3-5 months, he will lose a lot. And even I'm afraid to predict what can happen ...

- You mentioned earlier the political and social aspects of the development of the army. As you know, goodbyes in 2014-2015 years. made the "fresh blood" to the army, but right-wing radicals have a great influence on them. And their leaders are now critically speaking to the new government. This could affect the reform of the army?

- I think that people who talk about the threat of radical sentiment in the army exaggerate it. However, it is very important to legislatively establish a correct formula for the development of the territorial defense system. First, local budgets have to answer for it. And the level of work of the Defense Forces should not go out, as they said in the USSR, beyond the "course of a young soldier." Which means: this should be an active youth, so to speak, a "pro-militaristic" element of society that would be trained in camp life, possession of personal weapons and life in military collectives.

But here you do not need any complicated military equipment. And, of course, strict control by the General Staff is required - by consolidating military commanders behind certain military territorial structures. I believe that with such a division of responsibility there would be no problem. But for this purpose, a separate law on territorial defense is necessary, where all this is clearly stated. Unfortunately, we already have a negative experience in this regard. In 2015, a draft law on territorial defense passed through our expert council, we criticized it. One of the initiators of the creation of this law (known to us under the name of Semen Semenchenko) is not that it was offended, but ... And the law still pours in the parliament.

- For his adoption, as usual, there is not enough "political will"?

- Not only this, but also the elaboration of the law by specialists. After all, it is different things: to command a battalion, to express one's point of view - and to write everything out legally. Here we need serious collective work. By the way: I hope that Zelensky's team has many professional lawyers, and he will be able to overcome all these conflicts by adopting the necessary laws. This applies to the defense industry as well as the restructuring of the army. Here too, we need laws that are not already accepted by 3-5 years. A draft law on military-technical cooperation "hangs" with 2000!


- Do you think the "Team" will handle these tasks?

- Hope is. But I, as an observer, do not have euphoria on this occasion. Let's see, the coming months will show. So far, we are seeing a kind of "personnel nihilism" of the new government. But it can be overcome if further appointments will take into account the professionalism of the candidates. And if the army "middle link", close to the upper link of the command of the power structures, will be preserved. This is extremely important: it is not possible to cut the wedges in such structures as, for example, "Ukroboronprom" or intelligence. Here you need a sober calculation. Radical command change is a big risk, it can lead to serious losses.

- By the way, recently there were rumors in the Network that the Ministry of Defense could head ... Journalist Yuri Butusov. Something like this is possible?

- No, I know Yuri Butusov very well. I think it's a fake. I believe that Butusov is a realist, a serious expert in the field of analytics and treats it with humor.

- And civilian can become the minister of defense?

- Can not, but must. He considered the best candidate for this post, People's Deputy Alexey Skrypnyk, who has actually been preparing for such a mission for the last three years. But, as far as I understand, for some reason he did not come up - according to the interview results. But the Minister of Defense must be a person of approximately this level: a system manager who understands politics, not necessarily a former military or general. We need a modern politician who can be an authority in the Cabinet of Ministers. Able to defend the position of the military department, including budget proposals, to prove that it is necessary for the army, first of all, to explain it comprehensible to all language. And also to represent the armed forces in the international arena. If the Minister of Defense becomes a military, there is unnecessary competition, as it was between the head of the Ministry of Defense Poltorak and the Chief of General Staff Muzenko. Relationships were very complex, which had a negative effect on the army.


- In addition to developing concepts for the reform of the army, you are also engaged in writers' work. This year on Book Arsenal, your book has entered the top-5 sales. Tell us more about it.

- "Great women of great men" - is already my tenth book. This is also an analyst, but a little different, not an artistic product, but rather an analysis of different models of the relationship between men and women, taking into account the psychotypes of women. There are three main psychotypes: an ally woman, a woman playing on her own field and a woman serving as a male assistant.

An example of an assistant woman is Vera Nabokova. She made every effort to ensure that the public, who considered Vladimir Nabokov mediocrity, recognized him as a great writer. His novel "Lolita" at first was generally considered pornographic, but Vera organized a number of his translations, a large advertisement. And she himself developed a series of episodes, included in the novel - was a real muse writer.

An ally woman is Elena Roerich, who was psychologically and mentally potent stronger than Nicholas Roerich. But it was she who developed a number of ideas for him. Same with 44 to 58 years, he wrote a huge work of "Agni Yoga", which made her megapopular.

A working woman on her field is Agatha Christie. She married an archeologist, Max Mallowen, who had not read a single book of her, and did not know any details of his work. But they had a very sincere, close relationship. So the woman not only can, but also should "make" a man. When the total circulation of Agatha Christie's books reached 50 million, she crossed the border in a "married lady" document - to emphasize her husband's priority in her life.

There are also negative examples in this book with which I am trying to show what a woman should not do. The "mirror" example is Mikhail Bulgakov and Lyubov Belozerskaya, his second wife. She once spoke by telephone, and Bulgakov asked not to hinder him from working. And Belozerskaya waved off, saying: "You are not Dostoevsky!" One this phrase killed all love, relationship.

On the whole, this is not my advice, but an analysis of how to act and what not to do in relationships. I think that those who buy this book understand: valuable is not fiction, but live examples. And they believe in the truth. And yet - this is part of the "genius-therapy", which I develop with 2010, based on the analysis of more than 500 personalities of different ages. It consists in the fact that we can choose a number of personalities (10-12, for businessmen - businessmen, writers-writers), to study the features of their strategies, to select suitable ones and imitate them.

- What are you working on now?

"I recently handed my third novel to the publisher, devoted to Kiev, the Vladimirsky Cathedral, to a team of painters who painted it - Vasnetsov, Vrubel, Nesterov, Svedomsky. In it, the reader will see them on the new side, with other eyes, through the prism of the memoirs and views of artist Wilhelm Kotarkbinsky - a Pole who came to Kiev in 1888 and lived here 30 years to death. He was a great Kievan who made a huge cultural contribution to Ukrainian art. He wrote the destroyed church of Alexander Nevsky on Lipka, the tomb of Tereshchenko in Glukhov, the church of St. Nicholas in Radomyshl and the Vladimir cathedral in Kiev. It is a creator who knew a lot about death, predictions, and truth. In general, I tried to convey the philosophy of people who lived in Kiev at the end of the 19th century.

- Let's return to the "genius-therapy": to which of the presidents, in your opinion, could "equal" Vladimir Zelensky?

- Would advise him to study the biography of Mark Aurelius, which is an example of the fact that power is only an opportunity, not an end in itself. And the main thing is the inner world of man. The second character - Seneca Jr., who proved that you can not sit on two chairs at once. As we know, he behind the back of Nero 10 years led the Roman Empire, and then died. And also - to study the biographies of Lincoln and Roosevelt. The list can be supplemented by the biography of Churchill, though a former mystifier, a manipulator in a sense, but still trying to make his state stronger.

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