Cyber ​​security Events

CIDAR participated in the Cisco Cyber19 Information Security Forum

Paul Krivenko, Head of the Information and Cybersecurity Section of the Central Scientific and Cultural Center, participated in the Information Security Forum Cisco Cyber19.

The event took place on 21 May 2019 in the NSC "Olympic" (Velyka Vasilkivska Street, 55).

The Forum presented new trends in the field of cyber threats, modern technologies for providing information and cyber security.

Experts on advanced cybersecurity protection technologies from the European team of Cisco and partners took part in the forum.

The main issues of the forum were:

  • as artificial intelligence and machine learning change the approaches to IT Security;
  • the role of information security in business;
  • how Cisco solutions help in providing information security to leading companies in Ukraine;
  • expanding the capabilities of Cisco security products;
  • why "clouds" simplify and simultaneously enhance security;
  • new approaches to protecting modern data centers.

Forum opened Pascal Greennes (an expert in cybersecurity and developing technologies with more than 20 years of experience in the field of information technology, manages IoT botnets, discovered BrickerBot, JenX and Demonbot botnets) with a presentation on: "AI proposals for an automatic cyber security strategy »

"Most of the attacks go through the Cyber ​​Kill Chain stages, and as a defender you get a few options for detecting and blocking hacking. This means that you have a chance to win in this confrontation if you have the visibility of the attack. Finding the proverbial needle in the haystack has become virtually impossible without automation. The intruders have an unfair advantage over cyberattackers. The time has come for security strategies to use automation in identifying and mitigating the effects, restoring balance and increasing chances for a victory in the fight against cyber threats, "he said.

The presentation presented various options for automating the detection and mitigation of the effects of attacks, as well as their compliance with the current strategy of cybersecurity.

Andreas Goldschmidt (Cisco Cloud Security Solutions Sales Manager for Eastern Europe and Switzerland, working in the IT industry for more than 10 years, focusing on IT security, his experience focused on security of networks and content, behavioral analytics and advanced security systems) spoke with A presentation on the topic: "Cisco Umbrella - Simple and Effective Cloud Protection".

"The secure Cisco Umbrella Internet Gateway is the first line of defense against Internet threats, regardless of the location of users. This ensures the full transparency of the actions of the Internet on all users on all devices at any point and blocks threats even before they penetrate the network or end devices. It is an open cloud platform that integrates seamlessly with existing security solutions and provides current analytics of current and emerging threats, "he said.

While discussing Cisco's decisions to provide information security to the central bank of Ukraine (the National Bank of Ukraine), the state-owned enterprise (Ukrzaliznytsia) and some Ukrainian companies (PrivatBank, Novaya Poshta), the moderator made a statement Volodymyr Ilibman (Cisco Security System Engineer, works in the field of information security over 16 years, has worked in Cisco for 12 years, is responsible for the development of information security in Ukraine, Georgia and other CIS countries).

Computer technologies are developing rapidly and in different directions. Recently, the importance of security not only of computer networks, but also of their individual elements becomes more and more important. Modern IT systems and electronic computing devices are very vulnerable to penetration, so you need to take care of their protection and prevent unauthorized access.