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TsDAKR took part in the project on forming the concept of Ukraine's foreign policy

Head of the Asia-Pacific Section of the Central Asian Development and Cooperation Council, Yuriy Poyta, participated in the round table entitled "Eastern Opportunities for Ukraine's Foreign Policy", which was organized as part of the project "The Concept of Ukraine's Foreign Policy".

In his speech, he provided an expanded description of the political, economic, international and military-political situation in the Asia-Pacific region (countries such as Japan, Korea and ASEAN) and the Central Asian region. The key priorities of Ukraine in these regions were defined, prospects of development of bilateral relations in economic, political, military-technical, etc. were outlined. spheres The talks and challenges for Ukraine in the realization of its national interests were identified, and the steps were proposed to overcome them.

Among the prospects for the development of the PTS with the countries of the region, Poita noted that cooperation with Japan, which is gradually lifting restrictions on the use of the Self-Defense Forces abroad, exports of military products and creating greater opportunities for the military-military cooperation with other countries, can be initiated in the long-term. Co-operation with Japanese defense companies (in co-operation with the US) will significantly modernize the Ukrainian defense industry, receive completely new military technologies and models of weapons, and significantly strengthen the defense potential of Ukraine. At the same time, cooperation with Japanese enterprises in the field of defense industry can only be carried out after the fundamental reform of the defense industry of Ukraine with a view to the creation of a government executive body responsible for the defense industry, the establishment of a strategy for defense and military-industrial complex defense systems, foreign technology protection systems, including leakage to other countries, the Ukrainian industry to Western standards and, probably, a significant reduction of the MTC from the PRC.

As for Central Asia, in the security sector, this market for Ukrainian defense products is very limited due to the membership of some countries in the CSTO and the UNESC, as well as the great influence of Russia on the leadership and elite of the countries of the region. In this regard, a separate strategy of the PTS of Ukraine should be developed, which will determine the directions and possibilities for cooperation of defense enterprises. At present, Ukraine can only implement specific, point-based arms procurement projects (eg, light armored vehicles), aircraft building products, modernization, armored vehicles repair and air defense. Delivery to the CA of modern high-tech weapons samples, such as rechargeable batteries, unmanned aerial vehicles, anti-riot weapons, high-precision missile weapons, is not feasible due to the high probability that it will enter Russia.

Other participants of the round table presented their proposals for developing relations with the countries of South Asia and China.

For reference: the project "Concept of foreign policy of Ukraine" is implemented by the Center for International Studies of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine named after Gennadiy Udovenko together with UA: Ukraine Analytica with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation FES-Ukraine. It aims to develop a unified vision of ways to implement "Ukrainian interest" in the international arena in various regional and thematic areas. The project implementation is carried out with the maximum involvement of the expert community and active interaction with the state authorities, primarily with the main addressee - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.