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L. Polyakov presented studies on cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the field of security

Leonid Polyakov, the Chairman of the Expert Council of the CACRK, took part in the presentation of the monitoring results on Ukraine-EU cooperation in the field of security.

29 In March, Ukrinform presented an analytical report "Public monitoring of cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union in the field of security".

According to Leonid Polyakov, "in the field of military-technical cooperation, not only with the European Union, but in general, we also have the need to systematize the legal field".

"Despite the fact that Ukraine still managed to maintain substantial scientific and technical potential, despite the fact that more defense budgets began to invest more in arms procurement, but in general, the situation in the legal field, alas, so far and so far in financial terms, because these funds are not so significant as to attract more leading arms manufacturers, still resembles a shred blanket. Because there is no law on military-technical cooperation, and we have rules for foreign companies, for domestic national ones - others, and for domestic private companies - there are others, "- says Polyakov.

As the political analyst at the Institute for Euro-Analytical Cooperation Konstantin Fedorenko said during the presentation, "the project is aimed at influencing our authorities so that they understand what the current situation is and may have done something to improve this situation."

In particular, he noted that in the Ukrainian information space there is a lack of information on security cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union, as well as between Ukraine and individual member states of the EU, so the study "should fill these gaps."

"I can not say that military cooperation with the European Union is very powerful and very successful, as NATO. But it is initiated, developing, at the same time - it needs a certain correct understanding, financing, and determination of a pragmatic number of such involvement ... "- said Igor Koziy, a military analyst at the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Institute.

The report was prepared by the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation with the financial support of the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of the grant component of the Public Community Project, under the auspices of the Ukrainian side of the Ukraine-EU Civil Society Platform and the Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.