Statements of the CACDS

The head of the non-governmental center called for the purchase of foreign armaments to be impossible in the event of the presence of domestic analogues

Valentyn Badrak, Director of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (CEDAW), called for legislation to make it impossible to purchase foreign armaments and military equipment (VOI) or technologies in the presence of domestic analogues.

An expert and a member of the board of the League of Defense Enterprises of Ukraine stated during a round table at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine under the chairmanship of the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov 14 in February.

"For example, when there are no drone drone drivers in Ukraine, and we buy them, then we congratulate such steps. However, if Ukraine is manufacturing helicopters, but we buy such equipment abroad, this is unacceptable, "- explained the expert.

Badrak also expressed his conviction about the necessity of adopting a new version of the Law of Ukraine "On State Defense Order" in Ukraine and creating "simplified conditions" for the receipt by enterprises of the industrial complex of Ukraine of all forms of ownership of the right of foreign economic activity on the world market of armaments.

The Director of TsDAKR has called for 2019 to start the process of restructuring the defense industry, as well as to intensify the privatization process of Ukrainian defense industry enterprises. "This process should start not only in relation to enterprises that are unable to participate in the execution of the state defense order, but also in relation to a number of other defense plants, including the so-called "Monsters", in particular, the state enterprise "Antonov", "Yuzhmash", "Malyshev's Taming" and others ", - the expert believes. The head of the analytical center added that the time has come for the withdrawal of powerful KBs from the companies - for example, such as Zorya-Mashproekt, DP "Antonov" and others - in order to privatize the redundant serial plots that are in Ukraine, according to the CIDAR , near 60%. "

In addition, Badrak believes that the Ukrainian army of the number of 255 thousand, which together with the Guard and the border guards is more than 300 thousand military, is too large, in particular, exceeds the number of French, and does not allow Ukraine to be properly rearmed. At the same time, according to the expert, the enterprises of the Defense Ministry constantly complain about the failure of the newly installed technology due to unprofessional exploitation. "It is worth creating a professional army that, with a certain reduction in the number, will allow to raise the cost of rearmament from the current $ 600 million to $ 1 billion," Budakov is convinced. The specialist drew attention to the Polish army, which is in the number of 123 thousand, but has a budget of 10 billion this year, which allows, in particular, to buy powerful American missile systems. Badrak also added that strengthening the powers of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in the control of the defense industry and the implementation of the state defense and industrial policy may look like a temporary measure, because the head of the designated department, even if supported by the military-industrial complex, will not be able to implement all the issues, as it is not a member of the government.