Artificial Intelligence

The world awaits incredible achievements in the field of AI. Where to get inspirational?

The overwhelming majority of leading experts are convinced that the world has the most incredible achievements in the field of innovation, and the business will receive new unique opportunities for development, implementation and growth of competitiveness in various fields. However, at the same time, innovative products will require a lot of effort and resources to test, run and adapt to business processes. And before a lot of people will appreciate the real opportunities and benefits of advanced AI, they will have to be prepared.
Where to get inspirational? We propose to consider 25 advanced start-ups and companies that were able to "catch the wave" in advance and successfully replenish the ranks of the best producers and users of intellectual technologies.

  1. AIBrain
    AIBrain, based in California, is engaged in artificial intelligence, developing solutions in the form of smart applications and software for smartphones and robotics. The most famous products are AICoRE (AI agent), iRSP (software platform for intelligent robots) and Futurable (future game based on AI, in which each character is controlled by a fully autonomous artificial intelligence). The purpose of the company is the development of AI based on human skills problem solving, learning and memory.
  2. Amazon
    The online gaming giant offers both consumer and business-oriented products and services based on AI. Amazon Echo with voice server Alexa, in its turn, is one of the best developments in the field of intelligent voice assistants, which has a unique functionality of options. The company also has three main services for AWS: Lex (business version of Alexa), Polly (converts text to language) and Rekognition (image recognition service).
  3. Anki
    Anki is committed to introducing consumer robotics into everyday life with its Cozmo products (robot) and Anki Overdrive (racing game for cars with track). Cozmo is Anki's flagship robot, who was named by experts as one of the most advanced consumer robots to date due to his emotional reactions.
  4. Apple
    Only in the last 2 years Apple has acquired 4 AI-based startups, demonstrating a dominant position in its commitment to artificial intelligence developments. One of them has become the basis for FaceID - a unique face detection security system. Currently, the bulk of the company's work focuses on improving the voice assistant of Siri, as well as the creation of a new virtual assistant Apple.
  5. Banjo
    Gathering over $ 100 million Investing only last year, Banjo uses artificial intelligence to monitor social networks and detect real-time events and situations that are important to its partners. The startup was developed after the Boston Marathon explosion in 2013 year, so that companies could better understand the mood and intentions of different segments of society by analyzing their activity in social networks.
  6. CloudMinds
    CloudMinds is developing a so-called cloud intelligence system (CI) called Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence (HARI) for robots. CI differs from AI in that it combines machines with people rather than treats them as separate objects. This allows the work not only to be managed by people, but also to fully interact with them. Another well-known product of the company - Mobile Intranet Cloud Services (MCS) - provides information security for remote control of robots.
  7. Deepmind
    Deepmind is not a technology company but, nevertheless, recognized as a major leader in the industry thanks to its numerous AI target research. Based in London, the company regularly recruits Oxford and Cambridge progressive graduates who provide the best results in all kinds of experiments and analysis of the specifics of innovation. The research work of the company is widely read and cited throughout the world.
  8. Facebook
    Facebook AI Research (FAIR) has four artificial intelligence laboratories around the world designed to better understand how people interact with each other. Recently, the company also made 4 new acquisitions related to AI, the latest of which was Ozlo. It is necessary to help Messenger create a more perfect virtual assistant for users.
  9. Google
    Google is undoubtedly the leader in the field of artificial intelligence. In the last 4 years, the company has acquired 12 technology start-ups and continues to invest heavily in developing AI capabilities in various industries. Instead of selling more of its products on the market, Google's efforts in AI are aimed at improving its capabilities and disclosing new ones. However, at the same time the company has its own large software project in TensorFlow, as well as its own project Tensor AI Chip.
  10. H2O
    The H2O digital platform employs more than 100 000 data scientists in more than 12 600 organizations around the world, and has earned the title of "world's leading open source learning platform". Company products include the H2O platform; the Deep Water interface, which combines the leading open source learning tools; the Sparkling Water infrastructure, which combines H2O and Spark; Steam AI for developers; Driverless AI platform. Among the company's clients are such large companies as Capital One, Progressive Insurance, Transamerica, Comcast, Macy's and Walgreens.
  11. IBM
    IBM is a leader in the field of artificial intelligence with 1950s. At present, the company's efforts are focused on the development of IBM Watson, as well as on AI-based cognitive skills and software for horizontal scaling systems for artificial intelligence (designed to provide global cloud analytics and intelligent services). In addition, not long ago, the company additionally acquired 3 new technology startups to expand their capabilities.
  12. iCarbonX
    iCarbonX is a Chinese biotechnological startup that uses artificial intelligence for personalized health analysis and prediction of its performance. Developers have formed an alliance with 7 technology companies around the world that specialize in gathering various types of medical information and use algorithms to analyze genomic, physiological and behavioral data for the purpose of providing individual medical advice.
  13. Intel
    Intel, in addition to its own developments, has made two major acquisitions in the AI ​​- Nervana and Movidius areas. Nervana is a deep learning processor, while Movidius focuses on neural networks in Windows systems. Also, Intel has invested in several technology startups and is continuing to work on improving the AI ​​for the Microsoft Bing search engine through its Arria FPGA processors.
  14. Iris AI
    Iris AI helps scientists to understand research and research to find relevant information and, as it is used, learns how to better search. Since the launch of the service, 120 000 has been using its services, some have become regular users. Recently, 4.0 was released with the addition of the Focus tool, an intelligent mechanism for refining and comparing the literature list for research, which eliminates the huge amount of manual labor.
  15. microsoft
    Microsoft has various current projects in the field of AI, focused both directly on the consumer and on the business. Of the known is the digital assistant Cortana, as well as Zobo chatboy which are now available for smartphones. And the company is proud of its cloud-based Azure service based on the universal AI, which includes cognitive and bot service, as well as deep machine learning.
  16. Next IT
    Next IT - one of the first companies to become a pioneer in developing and launching chat bots, which consumers, including Alaska Airlines and Amtrak, became. Today, technology has significantly improved, and their AI-based capabilities help address issues in a variety of industries, including health and insurance.
  17. Nvidia
    The emergence of Nvidia as one of the leaders in the field of AI happened almost one night. Initially, the startup has been promoting its CUDA GPU programming language for almost two decades. But at one point the developers decided that they needed artificial intelligence, which would help completely change the approach to the processing of graphics processors, and on its base have created graphics processors Nvidia. Today, this solution is considered one of the most advanced and is used, in particular, in automotive engineering and the creation of automated production equipment.
  18. OpenAI
    OpenAI is something similar to an open source source. The platform has been created by a research firm that seeks to promote and develop AI in order to bring global benefits to humanity from innovation. The organization collaborates with many research institutions and researchers in this area, creating its own patents and analytical doctrines that are open to the public.
  19. Salesforce
    Salesforce has acquired the 3 AI company over the past two years and recently announced the creation of its own AI service - Salesforce Einstein. Their latest initiative, in the development of which was the 175 data explorer, uses machine learning to help employees in different industries more efficiently perform tasks by simplifying and accelerating them. Einstein's dedicated digital platform allows customers to create their own applications for ease of use.
  20. SoundHound
    SoundHound is known for its Hound application for music identification, but it also has one of the most advanced and accurate platforms for processing natural language and performing all kinds of voice requests. Among the companies that use this service are Samsung, Nvidia, Sony Xperia, Yelp and Uber.
  21. Twilio
    Twilio is a provider of cloud computing platforms (PaaS) that enables software developers to integrate text messages, phone calls, and video calls into applications using a variety of APIs. Access to Twilio services is via HTTP and is paid according to usage.
  22. Twitter
    Twitter has invested heavily in artificial intelligence. To date, the company has acquired 4 AI-startups. One of the latest acquisitions - Magic Pony for 150 soap. dollars In addition, Twitter recently introduced a so-called algorithmic temporal scale that can rank tweets by relevancy instead of the usual reverse chronological order. The company also introduced the AI ​​to recommend certain tweets in the users' chronology.
  23. ViSenze
    ViSenze's artificial intelligence technology works on the principle of advising clients when shopping online, analyzing all their queries, interests and products they store. ViSenze uses machine learning and computer vision algorithms that handle an incredible amount of visual content. By focusing on visual perception, the system finds relevance for each item on the Internet, and then offers filters for evaluation, similarity and accessibility.
  24. is a virtual assistant designed for very busy users. It helps to draw up a schedule of appointments and a schedule of meetings. The program also works with logistics issues and document management. Thanks to machine learning and natural language processing, is planning the best time and space for any event, based on the priorities of the client's work and scheduling.
  25. Zebra Medical Systems
    Zebra Medical Systems is an Israeli company that uses deep teaching techniques in the field of radiology. According to developers, their AI-platform helps to predict many diseases with an accuracy that exceeds human, due to the possibility to study a huge library of medical imaging and research. Recently, the company has moved its algorithms to Google's cloud service to help it scale, and now offers medical scans for the 1 dollar.

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