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M.Samus: In 2019 year Ukraine should concentrate on strengthening of airborne, missile and naval components

Mikhail Samus, Deputy Director for International Affairs of the Central Scientific and Cultural Organization In an interview Polish Radio has predicted that Russia will try to use for the provocations the period of the electoral presidential campaign in Ukraine. At the same time, he does not consider that these attempts will be successful, because Moscow failed to use even such a destabilizing situation as the creation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The expert sees this as the loss of the Kremlin's ability to influence in such spheres and its ability to act only within the limits of direct aggression, as happened in November when Russian troops seized Ukrainian ships in neutral waters. It is the strengthening of air defense and naval forces this year, the most urgent problems for Ukraine, the expert believes.

- They can no longer carry out an underground operation without rocket and aviation preparation. This is evidenced by the situation in the Donbass. They can not continue to move forward or actively act, as they will immediately receive an effective response. Because Ukraine has created powerful frontier forces that can compete with Russia. Their advantage is now aviation, missile forces - "Calibri" and "Iskander", as well as naval forces. Ukraine and the NATO countries on the Black Sea have rather weak positions. Therefore, with the use of missile, aviation and naval forces, Russia will try to provoke or threaten some kind of threat. She is able to conduct missile and air training and destroy Ukrainian command posts and objects of critical infrastructure, and it will be hard to resist the Ukrainian submarine group. Similarly, if Russia, through its naval forces, will apply the blockade of Odessa, it will strike a powerful blow to the economic interests of Ukraine and create a major military threat. That is why Ukraine needs to make great efforts, including with the help of our partners, first of all, the United States, for the acquisition of effective air defense, missile and naval weapons.

According to Samusya, Ukraine has taken the right course to build its own mosquito fleet of light missile armored vehicles, as well as the introduction of Neptun missile systems for defeating surface targets that are capable of responding quickly to a change in the military situation in the Black and Azov Seas. But to respond to the threats that will arise this year, it is imperative to help the West with such arms for the containment of Russian aggressive intentions.