Statements of the CACDS

The new Senate resolution of the United States shows an increase in the effectiveness of the international community's actions against the Russian Federation

The US lawmakers filed for review by the Senate resolution calling on President Donald Trump to take action to curb Russia's aggression in the Black Sea by conducting a free-lance operation, enhancing NATO's presence in the region, banning access of Russian ships to European and US ports, and terminating the North Stream 2 project.

Key points of the resolution:

  • The United States should, together with its Allies, conduct a multinational naval freedom operation in the Black Sea to demonstrate the support of internationally recognized borders, bilateral agreements and safe passage through the Kerch Strait and the Azov Sea, and counteract unfounded RF requirements;
  • NATO should enhance the presence and potential of maritime shipping, including sea areas and the protection of the Black Sea coastal zone in order to support freedom-of-navigation operations;
  • The US should strengthen the capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including their maritime potential.
  • Sanctions against the RF are a direct result of the government of the Russian Federation and will continue and increase until such time as appropriate changes in Russian behavior take place. In connection with this, it is necessary to impose additional sanctions on Russia.
  • The US and its partners in Europe should ban access to Russian naval vessels to their ports for replenishment and refueling;
  • European governments should stop the implementation of the North Stream of 2 and the US president to support European energy security through a policy of reducing dependence on the Russian Federation.