The author is Igor Levchenko

Igor LevchenkoHead of the Strategic Modeling Section of CDAC

Born in Kiev. He graduated from master's degree at the National Pedagogical University. Drahomanov, Master of Political Science. In 2015 he received a Master's Degree in Foreign Policy from the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine. He has worked in analytical structures of both public authorities and the private sector. Prior to 2014, he was more specialized in domestic politics, political elites, and European integration. With the onset of Russian aggression against Ukraine, he was actively immersed in security issues. At 2014-2017, he is a member of the CSACR Expert Council. Author and participant in a number of studies and articles on a wide range of national security issues. He headed the perspective direction of strategic modeling, which should increase the capabilities of the Center, by conducting various prognostic and situational games, brainstorming on topical issues of national and regional security.