Dr. Deniz CIFCI

Position: Middle East Analyst, CEFTUS-London

Dr. Deniz Cifci is a Middle East Analyst and Researcher specialising in ethnic and religious movements in the Middle East, in general, Turkey and the Kurds in particular-with an intense focus on the Salafism, ISIS, the Jabhat al-Nusra, the PKK, the PYD/YPG, the Kurdish Hezbollah and the Gulen movement. He is also an expert on the Turkish Foreign Policy and Kurdish political movements in Syria, Iran, Iraq and Europe. He has extensive fieldwork experience in Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Europe on ethnic and religious groups. He worked as a researcher and analyst at many institutions both in Turkey and in the UK. He currently works as a political advisor at the Centre for Turkey Studies, London and regularly participates and presents at international, regional, and national conferences. A number of his articles have been published in several newspapers, blogs and political magazines. He has also been invited to several talks on the Kurds, Turkey and ISIS as an expert. He appears on TV channels including BBC, France 24, TRT, and Voice of America and has been interviewed by several newspapers and institutions. He is currently working on his books titled The Kurds and the Politics of Turkey: Agency, Territory and Religion, and ISIS and the Kurds: The Roots of Conflict in Syria and Iraq for the I.B. Tauris Publishing.