Oleg Romanchuk

Position: Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Universum”

Oleg K. Romanchuk - PhD, Associate Professor at the Department for Ukrainian Press at the National University of Ivan Franko in Lviv, member of the National Writers Union as well as of the National Union of Journalists. Author of many science fiction works, futurological and historical studies as well as of popular and scientific articles. His first specialty is Radiophysics. From 1993 Oleh K. Romanchuk is founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine for political science, futurology, economy, science and culture “Universum”. Winner of the Ivan Bahrianyi Reward in 2008 for “outstanding contribution to the development of independence of Ukraine and consolidation of society.” Winner of the International Dmitry Nytchenko Literary Prize in 2009. Laureate of the Ukrainian Volynyaky - Shvabinski Foundation for the textbook “System analysis in journalism.” Laureate of the Regional Vyacheslav Chornovil Prize 2012 for the journalistic digest “In Search of Universum.” Author of the book “Re-organization of Ukraine” (scientific articles, journalism, predictions and observations) published in 2013.